wiretransfer mobile depositsBank wire transfers are a very common practice for those who wish to fund their mobile casino ac-counts with real money. They involve taking money from your personal bank account and directly transferring it into your mobile casino account. The transfer agencies more or less provide the deposit and withdrawal service between you and the casino providers. Wire transfers are also a solid choice for big money players, as they frequently allow for high limit deposits and withdrawals. Bank wire transfers are amazingly safe and incredibly convenient, making a prime choice of deposit method for mobile casino players.

Top 3 casinos with Bank Wire Transfer (mobile)

1. Jackpot City, allround mobile online casino with €$1,600 free bonus
2. Bovada online – Accepts players from the USA!
3. Gaming Club

The simplicity of the wire transfer goes both ways, as withdrawals from your mobile or online casino account are very common and pain-free. Wire transfers are often allowed internationally for casino players, meaning that both US and non-US users can easily make deposits to their online or mobile accounts. Unfortunately, a number of mobile casinos only allow wire transfers to be used on the withdrawal end of the transaction, and naturally, there are fees associated with withdrawals using this method.

There are some additional downsides for bank wire transfers. For one, bank wire transfers can take a very long time to process deposits, and to transfer player withdrawals. Wire transfers can sometime take just one day, while other times it can take up to one working week to fully process. Also, some wire transfer agencies will charge a small fee to make the transaction for you.

Despite the drawbacks, the perks of bank wire transfers definitely win out when selecting a bank wire transfer to fund your mobile casino account. One more bonus to this choice of the method is that you don’t have to go through the annoying process of filling out applications for anything, like you do for a lot of E-Wallets and debit and credit card accounts. As long as you have the time, bank wire transfers are a money option to funding your real money casino account.